Path of Exile starter’s guide

Path of Exile starter’s guide
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Path of Exile is a free to play action RPG from Grinding Gear Games. Right now, this indie game is currently on closed beta but it will soon enter in open beta. Do you want to know how many classes has Path of Exile? How many stash tabs? How many difficulty levels? Let’s know some facts about this game.

The basics: always online and parties

PoE  is online only. That means you can’t play if you’re not connected to internet, since all gameplay goes through the company’s servers. However, you can do single player if you want. As long as you’re not into a party you wont find anyone in the areas while you advance because you will play in your own server instance. In the cities you will see other people around, but that’s it.

Parties, I said? Yes. You can find public parties at any level and you can also create new ones for other people to join you in your quests. You can also add friends in the game and make private parties with them so no other people bothers you. When you are into a party, all characters in it join the same areas through waypoints, portals and transitions so you play together.

Classes, slots and stashes

Path of Exile witch, shadow, ranger, duelist, marauder and templarHow many classes are in Path of Exile?

Seven, which are: the Witch, the Templar, the Marauder, the Duelist, the Rangerm the Shadow and the Scion. Each of them is either better at a single stat or at a combination of two, except the Scion, which starts at the center of the skill tree, hence having easier access to nodes from all three stats but having a harder time specializing. We explain it further in this analysis.

Note that you won’t be able to create a Scion character until you’ve beaten the game at least once.

Which is the best class in PoE?

None, really, each one is played differently. With some you may have a harder time at the start (Witch) but be stronger in the very late game while with others it may be the contrary (Duelist).

It also depends on how you like to play because all characters can use any skill; for example, if you like to use lots of skills -which cost mana- with a bow, you may go for a Witch instead of a Ranger: your bow skills (DEXterity based) won’t be as powerful but you will be able to use a lot of skills due to the Witch being able to get much more mana and higher mana regenaration, because she starts at a place of the skill tree with more of those nodes available.

How many character slots can you have?

You can have up to 4 different characters in your account. If you want to have more you need to buy them through the microtransaction system of the game -the devs have to eat, right?-.

And what about stash tabs?

Your account comes with 4 stash tabs that are common for all your characters. If you want more it also passes through the microtransactions. However, the stashes are really big and you won’t need more unless you play a lot -50+ hours- or you keep everything you find around. Four stash tabs are plenty to save the powerful items.

Note that stash tabs are not shared among different leagues.

Acts and difficulty

How many acts are to be played in Path of Exile? The game has launched with three acts, their names being: The Shore, The Forest and The City of Sarn. Later on, the developers have planned to launch a fourth act and, if the microtransaction system goes well, to keep releasing more acts.

And about  difficulty levels, once you complete Normal you can play the game in Cruel and, after completing it, on Merciless. It’s the same approach of Diablo games. In Merciless, there’s an end-game grinding system very similar to Torchlight 2’s maps, that let you access areas that modify the game mechanics in some way to make it harder but giving higher rewards.

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