Torchlight 2 recipes

Torchlight 2 recipes
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Transmuting in TL 2 allows you to combine items you don’t want to create new ones. In this guide we give you the list of all the crafting formulas we have discovered, some of which are secret. It is the same idea of transmutation of the original game or the Horadric cube in Diablo 2. To use these recipes, you have to go to a transmuter, which is available from Zerypeh (Act 2) onwards.

Result item Ingredients Details
Health potion 3 health potions of the same quality The resulting potion is of the next quality level*.
Mana potion 3 mana potions of the same quality The resulting potion is of the next quality level*.
Set item Any 2 set items The recipe averages the level of the ingredients. For example, if you use for crafting two items of levels 20 and 30, the transmuted item you get will be a set item of level 25.
Unique item Any 4 unique items Averages the level like the set item recipe.
Spell scroll Any 2 spell scrolls Averages the level like the set item recipe.
Add sockets Unsocketed item plus two gems One of the gems has to be of higher level than the item you want to socket. The number of sockets created is random, but it is granted that at least one will be crafted.
Rare gem Any 3 gems The resulting socketable level depends on the gem levels you use. If you transmute three high level gems, the result will be a rare high level gem.

*The health and mana potion quality levels, from worse to best, are:

Normal -> Big -> Giant -> Huge -> Super -> Grand -> Mega -> Ultimate

Note that you can use the level averaging on some formulas to your benefit: for example, if you are trying to complete a set, you can use repeated items you have from it, since the resulting item will be of the same level. That is, if there is no other set of that level, it is granted you will get another item from that same set.
If you are trying to get an exact unique, and you know its level, you should use in the recipe the closest item levels you can to have an higher chance for it to appear.

Have we missed any recipe? Please, let us know in the comments!

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